Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some Unusual Sights...Except in Kabul

Kabul – A fuel convoy was ambushed late yesterday in Logar Province. Three trucks were stolen…

Hazard a guess on where this corner “gas station” gets his gas?
At some point it was probably part of an ambushed convoy.

It is really important for folks to understand that even some “high profile” attacks you see on the news are not necessarily insurgent attacks no matter what the media says.

Banditry is a time-honored profession round these parts. A significant quantity of goods you find at the street vendors has a theft involved at some point on its way to market. Much is hijacked in Pakistan, making its way over rough mountain trails to the cities and villages of Afghanistan.

Still, can things be that bad when you have this?

Small amusement park near the Kabul Zoo.

Or this?

Yep, things are so bad that people can make a living selling balloons and pool toys.

And then there are the chicken places: AFC and KFC.

This is a new store, supposed to open in a couple weeks.
Some may recognize the chicken logo.
They don't quite have it though.
Look closely at the first word below "Afghan."

Wow! KFC in Kabul!

Um, sort of...

There was an IED strike on a US convoy today on the road between Pol-e-Charki and Kabul. One US soldier was killed and three wounded. I have to wonder if it was the young men and women who pulled out on patrol this morning as I was leaving Camp Eggers after breakfast for my own trip across town.

Yes, it is still a dangerous place, but as long as I'm seeing traveling balloon salesmen and new fried chicken stores opening I have to believe there is hope for a better ending. It just might take a while.


Charles Gramlich said...

Man I really would like to try some afghan fried chicken. Course, I love fried chicken.

Such beautiful colors on the balloons and balls.

Barbara Martin said...

Afghan fried chicken...makes me wonder what the coating would taste like. Nice photos of the balloons and balls, and the amusement park.

Take care and thanks very much for the visual of Kabul.

Reb said...

Lovely photos of the balloons and pool toys. I like how the colours stand out so starkly against the muted colours of the hills and buildings. I also like that you see hope for a better ending there.

Travis Erwin said...

Quite the contrast of colors in those pics. So K stands for Kabul instead of Kentucky ... interesting.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I love all your pictures. Keep em coming.

debra said...

What an interesting study in contrasts---but then I guess life is really like that, isn't it.

preTzel said...

Where does the meat come from for the KFC? Does it come from that roadside meat market? If it does I might be cautious in eating there. :)

Great post!

The Muse said...

I wonder if they use the KFC secret recipe?