Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some Interesting Things in Kabul

The people are my favorite subjects, but here is a mix with some commentary.

Kuchi tents in Kabul. Kuchi means literally, "those who move." The Kuchi are primarily nomadic Pashtuns, but other ethinc groups like the Baloch are also included. Lately they've been in Kabul squating on any available parcel of land. First, there is lots of available grazing in Kabul right now. Second, they've been having a bit of a row with the Hazara to the west of Kabul and some issues with the Taliban in the south. For now, Kabul is safety, good grazing, and they can sell their flocks for a decent profit to the local butchers.

Kuchi girls and women tend to dress in colorful clothes, which does not endear them to the Taliban.
This girl's scarf is held in place by a pink NY Yankee visor.
Baseball caps and visors are a common accessory for younger women and girls in Kabul.

The two guys on the left leading this parade are the lucky ones.
They won't be eaten soon.

More of that damned American influence!
A little dated, one of the boys is wearing Daunte Culpepper's Viking jersey.

A couple of Kabul University girls and other people on the street.
Five of these people were watching me aim my camera at them.
Oh, and the two college girls were hotties!

No matter what the sign says, neither of these women are Jack!

One must exercise caution when turning a street corner in Kabul.
Otherwise one ends up in the open sewer. This cabbie got a little careless.

In the States we call these guys "gypsy cabs."
The red scarf on the back tells you that this vehicle is for hire.
How many Kabulis can you fit into one of these vans?
A whole two!
In a pinch you sometimes find them on the roof.


Charles Gramlich said...

Still nomads in the world eh? I love thse slices of life pictures in Kabul. I hope you're keeping a journal or something with this. It should make intersting reading.

Travis Erwin said...

Glad Culpepper still has fans somewhere.

debra said...

another interesting look at another culture. Thanks!

J. L. Krueger said...


Honestly, I was starting to think about doing a book about my time here...mostly with emphasis on the people and culture.


I just find it amazing after being "cut off" from the world for so long that US sports figures and teams find a following of sorts here.


I'm actually "backlogged" a bit. I take so many pictures per day that even after tossing as many as half, I currently have over a thousand.

Reb said...

It is so fascinating to see your pictures of life on the other side of the world.