Friday, March 13, 2009

Security Alert!

As the weather warms, we are reminded that the bad guys will be coming out of their caves to cause trouble. The threats are very specific...or so we are told.

After a recent late winter snow storm, this infiltrator was apprehended by alert Afghan security forces.

Intelligence indicates that there are several suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs)in town. Intelligence further reports that the most likely vehicle is a Toyota this one.
Um...that narrows it down to about 50,000 vehicles in Kabul.

Sucurity Update 2!
Sources have confirmed SVBIEDs will likely be white Toyota Corollas with Kabul plates.
Better...only about 12,000 of those in Kabul.

Security Update 3!
New intelligence indicates the attackers are planning on using a yellow taxi with Kabul plates. Wonderful...only about 20,000 of those in town.

Note: earlier reports are also still in effect. That means the white Toyota Corolla on the left and the one parked on the right, visible between the van and taxi are still "in play."
The red Toyota Corolla visible on the left is another possibility.
And if you look through the window of the SUV in front of the center taxi you see...ANOTHER TAXI!
But you should be ok if you avoid crowded narrow streets...

...and traffic circles...

...road intersections...

...and places taxis (and white Toyota Corollas) alongside the road.

Since the main targets are thought to be security forces, it is best to avoid Coalition military vehicles...especially on narrow roads...

...and Afghan Security Forces vehicles.

Security Update 4!
Flower-covered jaunty carts do not appear to be a threat at this time.
I'm so relieved...there's maybe a dozen in town.