Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Early Morning Views in Kabul

Here are some pictures I took Thursday morning (28 August) around 6 AM. The city is coming to life as the sun rises. By 6:30 it is downright busy!

I done thought I woke up in the mountains of east Tennessee!
Look at all the tires on the rooftops!
This is a row of about ten different tire shops.

The waterboys.
I was once asked about how the water gets up to the cliff houses.
Well, it starts at the well where virtually anything that can carry water is filled.
Then the containers are slung on poles and carried up to the houses.

The sun hasn't quite touched the Kuchi camp yet, but the goatherd is already out.

A quiet residential neighborhood. A great shortcut since there is less traffic.
Note the open sewer on the right of the picture.

Kuchi Dog.
In general, Muslims don't keep dogs. They are considered "unclean."
However, given how healthy and well-fed many dogs in Kabul appear,
the dogs are not doing too poorly.
The Kuchi may not "keep" dogs, but they seem to appreciate their presence.
Dogs like this one move with the Kuchi, providing early warning from threats.

Old cemetary in "Old Town."
This is all that remains of the grave markers, however the locals know what lies beneath.
This is one of those empty parcels of land that squatters and vendors do not set up upon.

Just look at that produce!
Cauliflower, red cabbage, green cabbage, ginger, onions, potatoes, egg plant, zuchinni, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, okra, green beans, yellow beans, lemons, limes, turnips, plums, squash and a cucumber-like local vegetable.
I like the way the shadow landed on this stand.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kabul on Monday

Some of today's pictures I'm putting up just because the color or the people's expressions came out just right, even if the rest of the shot wasn't quite perfect. Others are just some the many street scenes common every day in Kabul.

Traditional and Modern
He's a thoroughly modern dude from the neck up.

A Wedding Car
There are weddings almost every day in Kabul and they are BIG affairs.

Rubble, Tent and Houses
You frequently see houses that are nothing short of mansions alongside rubble and tents.

The "Running Chef"
He's built a stove, complete with stovepipe into the wheelbarrow.
A satisfied customer munches on his lunch while sqatting on the curb.

Shops on a Shady Street.

Sisters on the way to school.

The Drover
This was a quick "wrist" shot. I didn't have a chance to aim through the viewfinder.
The shadow and color came out, too bad my aim was off a little.

A Balloon Guy
This is at 6:15 in the morning.

Cat in the Hat
Western themes, especially American, are very popular here.

A Corner Store
A constant blend of modern and traditional.

Culture Blend
The gent in the middle with Western features is Nuristani.
The Nuristani claim descent from the Greeks of Alexander the Great,
but their ancestry may also be an older Celtic influence.
He is surrounded by Hazara, descended from the Mongols who
conquered Afghanistan in 1219.

Father and Son
Some things are the same no matter where you go.