Sunday, February 22, 2009

Afghan Orphanage

I've been trying to get this posted for days, but the Internet connection has been pretty flaky the past four non-existant. These pictures are actually from October, but they are a good reminder of why we really need to be here.

The kids in these picture are orphans, but they are in many ways lucky. They wound up in an orphanage financed by South Korea. Orphanages financed by secular, Western-leaning powers provide the best care. I'll limit the commentary with the pictures this time. For the most part the pictures say enough.

Not too sure about these guys with guns.

Maybe if we ignore them, they'll go away.

The ice finally broken.

Now that he's kneeling down, he's not quite as scary.

Supplies from the USA and UK.

The sewing room to learn a marketable trade.

This rodent seems to be everywhere.

The rodent motif taking shape on the classroom walls.

For those who may remember the classrooms in the post I did about a visit to Afghan schools, these are a stark contrast. These are well-lit, clean, not crowded and every child has a desk. Also note that boys and girls are mixed rather than segregated. Daycare is still a problem, so the young teacher has her clingy three-year old with her in the classroom.

These children get warm beds, off the ground. Most rooms are 8 - 12 boys or girls per room. This orphanage also has a dispensary which can handle most minor problems. These children get three meals a day whereas typical Afghan child is doing well getting one meal a day.