Friday, December 5, 2008

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Earlier this week a suicide bomber BBIED (Body Borne Improvised Explosive Device), blew himself up near Habibia High School which is located about two hundred yards from the Afghan Parliament Building. He managed to splatter all over the armored German Embassy SUV, injuring the driver (the only occupant) and killed two nearby street workers while wounding three other bystanders.

The postive of this event is that since the kids were taking term-end exams and school had let out three hours earlier, the sidewalk which normally would have been packed with kids leaving school at the time the bomb went off was largely empty. The bomber was a Pakistani...again. Any wonder as to why Afghans are not very fond of Pakistan right now?

If not for foreigners, there probably would not be many suicide bombers in Afghanistan because:

a. Afghans consider it cowardly (they are more prone to give you a good old-fashioned stand-up gunfight).

b. Afghans consider it a violation of God's law as laid down in the Holy Quran.

On the day of this bombing it took almost two hours to get across town due to all the diverted traffic, but that made for some better photo opportunities.

On the brighter side, my new Tajik rent-a-wife housekeeper, is making life a little more pleasant. I get home to clean clothes folded and ironed on the bed. I'm one of the lucky rent-a-wife housekeeper is VERY easy on the eyes!

The bomb went off right about from where this picture was taken.

The scene would likely have been the same one hundred years ago.

Big sister mans girls the pump. Meanwhile...

Little brother is lost in the clouds.

While big brother hauls the first load up the hill.

Pomegranate Vendor.
The Kabul International Pomegranate Fair was 20 November.
With the current demand for pomegranates in the West,
there is potential here.

Apple Vendor.
He was pushing his cart to a new location.

Old Hazara Woman

Women at the cloth merchant.
I bet that if we transported ourselves back in time 2,000 years,
the picture would be the same.

Conspiracy in progress.

Blind man having dinner on the street.
This is near a mosque called the Shrine of the Two Swords.
Many invalids get their food here.

Dad/Grandad and wee one.
Can't assume anything in these parts.
It is not uncommon for an old guy like this to have a very young wife.

A couple of cuties!

An ever-present beggar.