Friday, August 1, 2008

Will Work for Ammo

Just a quick one today. I have another post ready to go Sunday, but I didn't want folks to think I've disappeared or anything. I did make "rounds"'s been a busy week.

My new T-shirt...couldn't pass it up.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Every Morning in Kabul

Even before the sun lifts itself above the eastern mountain range to bathe Kabul in its light, the merchants are readying for another day. The bakers must be like the Dunkin' Donut guy of the commercials. Fresh-baked bread is on display by 05:30. People are out buying the day's groceries before 06:00. What we would call the commercial districts with computer shops, clothing stores and the like are still asleep, but where people live is alive with trade. I'm not really a morning person, but I love watching Kabul wake up in the morning.

Neighborhood bakery setting out the bread.

You typically see people carrying their bread home early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

I continue to be amazed at both the quantity and quality of the produce on display at the many vendors in town.

If you get your meat early in the day, it will be in just slaughtered.
You can watch the whole process if you like.

Main fare here is beef and goat, but they sometimes have a few chickens too.

Meat on display all day. Of course, you don't eat anything rare here.
The fat layer is left on to protect the meat from both heat and flies.