Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Media Nonsense!

A BBC report on Tuesday said that Kabul was “pounded” by rockets on Monday. Gee, coulda fooled me. There were two rockets, over a mile apart, minimal damage, only one injury and one of the rockets landed in an empty field near the airport. Quite a pounding! Yep, quaking in fear of Taliban rockets! NOT!

This particular reporter (Alastair Leithead) even tried to equate this rocket attack to the three years of bombardment that Kabul endured during the civil war between 1993 and 1996. You have to wonder about the BBC's agenda. If you look to them for "unvarnished truth," don't! They are the Taliban's media service of choice.

Monday was Afghan Independence Day and the Taliban were said to be ringing Kabul and ready to close in. People are terrified, the security situation deteriorating so fast that people want to flee the capitol.

Well, that’s what the media say. Now I am quite certain that it is easy to find “chicken little’s.” You know the type; we have them in the US too. Feed them a little bad news and they run with it. Then the news becomes a self-feeding thing. The media then go out and search for the very people they’ve spooked to get their take on events. And then they print the "Chicken Little" comments and keep recycling the fear.

The “Afghan Chicken Little” shouts, “the Taliban are coming!” In Kabul at least, they are a distinct minority no matter what the media says. So in this edition, I am posting some photos and commentary on how you can tell that what I am saying is true.

Serious violation! Pregnant woman alone in the market without burkha.
That's good for at least a dozen lashes!

Frivolity and gaiety!
Note the decorations hangning over the street in preparation for the Taliban's attack on Independence Day. Numerous violations here: men without headcover or beards, many women without burkhas and walking about unescorted. Picture can't show it, but there was playing in public!

Ok, so the gardener tending the roses has a regulation beard and headcover, but why is he tending roses?
This is unnecessary activity. He should be reading his Quran, not playing with roses!

More decadence!
Apart from the fact that neither of these women are wearing regulation burkha,
they have the audacity to be wearing Western footwear! And the woman on the right is even more decadent! She had the nerve to stop a strange man on the street and ask him a question!
And tell me why these children are out playing, when they should be tending the goats or memorizing the Quran! What is the world coming to?

These boys flying kites are in serious trouble when the Taliban roll in this week!
Two violations: kite flying and Western clothing!

Our Taliban police are about to have a heart attack.
Not only are girls going to school and laughing, they are doing so in the company of, gasp...boys!

If you have time to be a smiling family, something is wrong!
Violation for beard length on dad and failure to wear regulation hat, mom not in uniform, son and daughters wearing Western clothes.
And what is with the smiles?

All five of these people are in violation of Taliban dress-code!
What is with the muppet backpack? Illegal Western influence!
The girl on the left is in additional trouble for having her scarf drop from her head, but that is small potatoes next to the fact that she's on her way to school.

Both of these young men are in trouble.
No beards, no hats and the guy on the left is sorta trying to look cool in Western clothes!

Hey, did you know that the Taliban are coming? Better ditch the pool toys!

Here's the deal. When you stop seeing these sights, that's when the people believe the situation is lost and the Taliban are "closing in," but not before.

Oh, and all these pictures were taken a day or two before Independence Day, when the populace was most fearful of attack by the least that's what the media said was going on.


Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks goodness you're able to give us some of the straight stuff. No way these days you can depend on the media to give the unbiased straight truth.

Travis Erwin said...

Great post. Here's hoping more people read it and learn from you first hand experiences.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I just sent my friend Bernita your way. Her daughter is there, though I don't know in what capacity.

Great pix.

J. L. Krueger said...


Later today I'll have post up on my other blog about difference between reporting news, and trying to influence opinion and policy by masquerading as news. The media in Pakistan and India do a much better job of understanding the difference between editorial and report.


I can only hope. Our country makes too many knee-jerk decisions based upon emotion and overly simplistic analysis.



On both accounts.

Barbara Martin said...

The media in any given place have a tendency to exaggerate the news to get their story in print!

Your photos of Kabul are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

J. L. Krueger said...


At some point, I think the media needs to rediscover/discover integrity. I don't think they will lose any sales in doing so.

Ello said...

Such a terrific post JLK!! You absolutely rock! I've always believed that the media is the greatest manipulator of truth and lies - you've given us a great example.

And I adore these pictures. The first one is especially stunning.

J. L. Krueger said...


Thanks! Glad you could take time out of school prep to stop by.

Whatever the media's motivation, I believe news should be delivered as straight as possible. Save the opinions for the "Opinion" page.

The Muse said...

Hi J.L! I get so sick of the media and their exaggerations. Great shots on the blog. I really appreciate it and most of all, I appreciate you.

Have a great week!

Bernita said...

One gets the impression sometimes that the media are simply ignorant and their search for hype and/or the pursuit of agenda cannot - or will not - distinguish between possible and probably outcomes.