Friday, August 15, 2008

Afghan Right of Way Rules

First a quick note. I'm trying to get around to all my blogging buddies' blogs, but our Internet connection is not cooperating. I'm only partially successful keeping my own blogs updated since I can compose them off-line. So, rest assured I'm not ignoring y'all or deliberately neglecting my buddy duties. If the net stays up today, I'll get around for a visit.

One of the guys I work with came up with this bit of humor, but I tweaked it a little.

Afghan Right of Way Rules

1. Armed vehicles have the right of way over all vehicles, except other armed vehicles. When two sets of armed vehicles are competing for right of way, set with largest caliber armament decides.

2. Afghan National Army or Afghan National Police vehicles by virtue of the fact that the occupants are usually armed and often have a squad of mean-looking guys with guns in the back. They are second in the hierarchy because their vehicles are not armored.

3. “I drive for the UN, therefore I am the UN, therefore I obey no rule and provide no courtesy.” Nuff said.

4. If none of the above groups are present and competing for right of way, one of the following rules apply – randomly, but with a strong tendency to rule d.

a. Most Expensive Vehicle Privilege
b. Law of Gross Tonnage
c. Right of the First Bumper Forward
d. Rule of Stones – Driver with the biggest set wins.

Sorta makes the Traffic Information Booth admonition all the more amusing.


Charles Gramlich said...

Here in Louisiana it's "biggest stones" win.

Reb said...

That is funny, especially the traffic booth! Sadly "Rule D" seems to be applied the most here too.

Bernita said...

Just found you by way of Betsy.
My daughter's there.

J. L. Krueger said...


I tell you though, Disney could package a ride through Kabul as a thrill ride.


They're just figuring out traffic lights. Of course, with rolling blackouts all day, traffic lights become problematic.


We've "passed in the night" on a couple of blogs. Betsy and I are reknowned for "bloody" fights over on Steven Parrish's blog earlier this year.

Is your daughter in Kabul, or is she down around Kandahar? Kabul is far more pleasant...temperature and situation.

Bernita said...

Have been meaning to look you up for months. Really appreciate the candid photos and commentary for context.
She's in Kabul, mostly. Very dusty.