Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Thoughts…

Random thoughts go with the scattered brain lately. Or perhaps it is saturated brain. Between language study, information dumps, and my ever-growing mental checklist of stuff I don’t want to forget I don’t seem to be firing on all cylinders of late.

Then again, the deluge of vaccination updates left me feeling rather out of sorts this week too. On Thursday morning my left arm felt like it was going to fall off. It is still somewhat sore today (Saturday), but at least I don’t feel as run down as I have the past two days.

To the confusion of pending departure we added rebuilding the bay window/replacing the bay window by my desk and re-siding the house. Where the workmen left everything precludes mowing the lawn for a bit, so even if I was so inclined, I can't get the mower out of the backyard. Last weekend was spent putting in mulch. I still have two pickup loads to disperse. Once the bubbas are done with siding I’ll be able to pick up the next ten loads to finish the back yard. That will close out mulching for a couple years -- fifteen TONS altogether.

Still on the “To Do” list is fence repair. Demon Dog will be a handful once I’m gone, so I have to get the perimeter as sturdy as possible before I depart. He’s become my shadow the past year working from home, so we are all wondering how he’s going to take my departure. He’ll certainly be even more likely to get “busy” during the day.

The front yard at the end of April. Heavy with purple flox, daisies and blue flax.

Our front yard almost swarms with humming birds in the early morning and early evening. There are goldfinches galore all day long in the wildflowers along with red finches and cardinals. This was the best year so far for blooms, but then again we’ve had a lot more rain this spring than in the past three years.

Wife and girls are out on a Girl Scout campout this weekend, so it’s just me and “the boys” aka the dogs hanging out together. Right now the boys have me pinned at my desk. I can’t budge my chair because I’ve got one under the desk by my feet and the other behind the chair with his floppy ear right by a threatening wheel. As it is a trifle warmer and humid today than it has been, the boys are not inclined to be outside, preferring to lay on hardwood floors in the air conditioning.

I’ve briefly lurked on most of my favorite blogs today, but now it’s time to get some other work done. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done before deployment. Good news for me is that the safe house where I will reside in Kabul has broadband Internet so I’ll be able to blog more frequently than I had thought.


Charles Gramlich said...

Beautiful purple flowers. I'd love to see that many hummingbirds.

Man, just reading your list of things to do is tiring. I think I need a nap. ;)

J. L. Krueger said...


Yeah my dogs are a bad influence on me in the nap department. If I go upstairs for any reason, they hop up on the bed and give me that look...time for a nap!

Ello said...

Lots to do! I would be going crazy but I am a bit anal.

Kabul with broadband! You will have to tell me all about the food!