Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Muslims

News Flash!
These guys are not practicing Muslims!

Is it the Western clothing?

Is it the scruffy look?

Is it the smile for the camera?

Is it the cool manly look?

Perhaps it's the dolls?

Nope! You can tell they are not practicing Muslims because none of the above men have beards! The men below are good, practicing Muslims.

Ah, a pair of good practicing Muslims.

Six good Muslims!

These must be good Muslims too, eh?
Well, they could be if they weren't already Sikhs.

We have an new idiot guy on our team. Apparently quite a scholar on Islamic Law, at least in his mind.

You see, all these many years I've been living, working or visiting Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and Afghanistan I've been laboring under a false perception.

According to this moron dude, the vast majority of beardless men I've encountered in all these countries aren't really practicing Muslims.

According to this dweeb guy, the Holy Qur'an directs Muslim men to grow beards.

Guess how many times "beard" or "beards" appears in the Qur'an? Exactly one time.

In 20:94 where Aaron, speaking to Moses after Moses confronts him about the golden calf says: "O Son of my mother, seize me not by my beard, nor by my head."

That's it, the one and only reference in the Holy Qur'an to beards.

In case you were wondering, I have no patience with idiots. I especially have no patience with Western idiots who make such asinine proclaimations and do the extemists propoganda work for them.

Rant complete.

For now.


Charles Gramlich said...

It's always easier for folks if they think they can reach judgements on people by some simple rule. It's such a waste of energy though in the long run

Barbara Martin said...

Some people seem to think a superior attitude on certain subjects makes them interesting when in truth it makes them look dense.

Clare2e said...

In an entirely different context, I remember colleagues like that. A little education-- especially if it's not enough to make you question yourself or understand how much more there is to learn--is a Dangerous (and annoying) Thing.

KuhnKat said...


it don't hafata be in the Quran. It only takes the devout to look at Muhammad and see that he had a beard for most devout Muslims to KNOW that having a beard is closer to Muhammad and Allah.

If Allah's chosen one has a beard it must be right!!!

Notice I mention DEVOUT. As you like to say, many Muslims the world over do NOT wear beards. Of course, the DEVOUT look down on them unless they are practicing Taqqiya. That is, they are NOT wearing a beard to fit into their society better!!

How would we know??

Travis Erwin said...

Hope all is well with you my friend.