Friday, August 14, 2009

The Faces of Kabul

First, let me thank all of you who've stopped by while I've been "silent" and inquired about my well-being. Doing fine, but I needed a break. I went home on leave where I thought I'd have more time to blog...NOT! My last day at home I hauled 6.5 tons of mulch, but I left it to my dear wife to spread.

While there I did all my medical checkups. When next I return in December, I've got knee surgery scheduled...on Pearl Harbor Day.

As you may notice, I'm in Afghanistan past the one year mark. Right now it looks like I'll be here until the end of April 2010 or beginning of May 2010.

Weather here has been much milder than in many years. There is still snow on the peaks west of town. We hit 99°F yesterday, but for the most part the temps have stayed around the mid-90's for the hottest part of the year. We still have not broken 100°F for the year in Kabul.

We're expecting next week to get a little more dicey with the election. So far the town is quiet, but we doubt the bad guys are going to let the elections go unchallenged. They've certainly made their hostile intentions well-known.

Today I'm just posting a bunch of pictures I'm simply calling "The Faces of Kabul." Some you have seen before, but since they are among my favorites there here again.

You frequently see men and women with their scarf or burqha clenched in their teeth.

Old man begging in the middle of the road.

Ladies out shopping.

Telling a story.

Baker done for the day.

Another very talented woman.

Are you talking to me?

Yep, something stinky nearby.

Six Pashtun men.

Day laborers waiting for jobs.

Pashtun goat herder.

What's this? Boys, talking to girls! In public!

Walking home from the bus stop.

Begger boy.

Ok, there's a little bit of a story to this one.
The hottie on the left is my "girl friend" (it's a joke with my driver).
She frequently flashes me -- drops her veil and smiles when we see each other.
I almost caught her here.

For the guys, note the sexy eyes on the one in the pink shawl.
It's incredible how sexy a woman can look without revealing much.

Homeless old man.

Same little guy from the earlier picture, different day.

Woman begging in the middle of the street.

Crossing Guard.

School Girls.

Cool hippie dude. Note the shades.

Old woman begging.

Fashionably pink.

Blind man eating outside a mosque.


Charles Gramlich said...

Commenting about the sexy eyes, I guess one uses what one has! Or what one can show.

Travis Erwin said...

Here's hoping the bad guys do not not make things too exciting next week.

Barbara Martin said...

I'm hoping next week will prove to be less troublesome than you anticipate. Glad to hear you're okay.

J. L. Krueger said...

Yes, and my "girl friend's" behavior of "flashing" me is positively scandalous by Afghan standards.

Not unexpected, but they did make things a bit more interesting this week.

So far more than we'd like, but not as bad as it could be.

Beth Partin said...

Wonderful pictures. I get the impression, from reading about Afghanistan, that women can barely walk down the street. But your pictures give the impression that they are out and about, though not in large numbers.

Palwasha said...

Firstly thank you for giving me a glimpse of my own country, though i suppose it is from a foreigner's eyes. secondly? lol. i notice in all the pictures of young girls you have commented something like 'hottie'. haha. i do hope you do not say any of those stuff in front of them at least. As for the scandalous flashing girl, i assure you, 'normal' girls are not like her. haha.

Thank you again for the lovely pictures.

J. L. Krueger said...


Nope, the women are out in large numbers; at least in Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad and Mazar-e--Sharif. Kandahar is a bit more unstable.


I'm a perfectly proper gentleman with the women in person. Besides, most of the "hotties" are young enough to be my daughters. My driver, who is from Panjshir and young enough to be my son, tends to drool a bit too much. ;)

As for the "flashing" girl, most of the others are simply not as bold. They do talk quite expressively with their eyes though.