Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Street Shots

Not much to say today. I'll mostly let the pictures talk. Weather has been cooler than "normal" and it looks like we will escape the month of May without breaking 90°F. Forecast heading into the first week of June is continued cooler than "normal" with temperatures in the low to mid-80's.

Some Signs of Normalcy and Good in Town

A girl in a traditional Afghan dress.
She was almost too quick for me!

Soccer team out for 6AM run.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.
Get your tire's repaired or replaced anywhere along this pot-holed road.

The bazaar is bustling.

Browsing for books.

A Bookseller.
This country has an incredible thirst for knowledge.

Some Signs That There's Much Yet To Do

All the people in the following pictures line up along the same sidewalk almost every day just as the sun comes up.


Ello said...

Oh I love that first picture! What a beautiful outfit she is wearing. Hoping all is well!

Barbara Martin said...

Wonderful photos that reveal much about the life around you J.L. Take care.

preTzel said...

Beautiful shots, as always. I would be a puddle of goo over there because I can't take any kind of heat - even the 80s can melt my bones.

The Muse said...

Hi J.L!

Spectacular images! I'm curious, is the one huddled against the wall in the red coat a child? They seem really small.

Take care!

Clare2e said...

I know it's a late comment, but I appreciate the great pictures and slices of life you bring us.

Amanda said...

I love your pictures!

Vodka Mom said...

i love them, and am glad you are well.

I'm so glad my mom signed my permission slip for this field trip!!!!!!!!

J. L. Krueger said...

They do have some very becoming traditional dresses.

Thanks...trying to get around again!

We've been very lucky so far...much cooler than normal. Could mean a bitter cold winter to come though.

Yes, the little guy in the red coat is child about five years old. The whole family begs along that wall.

Thanks for coming by any time. No such thing as "late" around here! :)

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, I'll have a more time to post in coming weeks. After being here a year, I have thousands of pictures.

Vodka Mom,
Ha ha! Very funny on the permission slip! Yep still alive and hoping to get around to see all my blogging buddies again soon.